Acacia Lodge Awards

Dr. Albert E. Austin Meritorious Service Award

This medal was commissioned in 2019 to be awarded to not more than one Brother per year at the discretion of the Worshipful Master for "distinguished service rendered to Freemasonry, whether locally, regionally or internationally." It may or may not be awarded each year. The Award is named after Right Worshipful Brother Albert E. Austin, who served as Worshipful Master of Acacia Lodge No. 85 from 1920 through 1924 (five consecutive years) and as District Deputy of the First Masonic District of Connecticut for 1927 and 1928. In 1939, he was the first of only three members of our Lodge to be coroneted a 33rd Degree in the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of the NMJ. His Masonic memberships and accolades are as extensive as his dedication to the Craft, and is the reason this award is named is his honor.


James J. Fahy - 2020

Warren J. Dennison Community Service Award

This is an award given annually to a dedicated member of the Greenwich community who has served above and beyond, and can be a non-Mason. The award is named after another community servant who dedicated his life to the greater good of Greenwich, Right Worshipful Brother Warren J. Dennison. He served as Worshipful Master in 1979 and 1981, District Deputy of Masonic District 1A for 1985 and 1986, and was awarded the Pierpont Edwards Medal in Bronze in 1994 by the Grand Lodge of Connecticut, among many awards and presiding offices in other Masonic bodies. He was also very active in the First Congregational Church in Old Greenwich, Greenwich Council BSA and Silver Beaver recipient, the Lions Club, and many others, which is why this award is named in his honor.


James J. Heavey - 2020

Mason of the Year

This is a yearly award given to the Brother who shows sincere dedication to the Lodge without the hope of fee or reward.


Philip V. Peluso - 2020

Year Increment Pins

These pins are awarded yearly to those Brothers who are at a 5 year increment in their Masonic membership (5, 10, 15... etc.) except for the 50 and 75 year awards which are presented by the Grand Lodge of Connecticut.